GKW Associates Experience

Over the last several decades the staff that makes up GKW Associates has had a wide variety of experience in the Materials Handling, Structural, Mechanical, Civil, Commercial, and Residential fields. Our team members have provided engineering services for local, national, and international companies ranging from the aggregate/mining industry to local building contractors and everything in between.

The experience of our team of engineers and designers includes such projects as:

Cement packaging facility
Dock equipment skids
Jet pulse dust collectors
Reverse air dust collectors
Dust collector retro-fits and conversions
Stacks, tanks and silos
Biofilter tower and bents
Forktruck platform
Sinkhole investigation
Raw mill to finish mill conversions
Materials handling system for spray towers
Weathered clinker reclamation system
Biofilter process ductwork
5 mile long quarry conveyor feasibility and preliminary design
Stacker coal handling system
Gypsum rock handling system
Kiln sulfur drop-out system
Ball mill foundation replacement
Carbon surge bin
Packing and palletizing system
Coffee disc packaging line
Primary granite quarry conveying system
Spray tower and duct replacement
Pfister feeder systems
Kiln dryer
Wind turbine installation

Mill flow meters
Railroad switchyard modifications
Building additions
Commercial construction plans for food processing buildings
Noise monitoring surveys
Sprinkler systems
Cafeteria layouts and designs
Loading docks
MEP plans (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing)
Carwashes and buswashes
Fire escapes and egress plans
Storage facilities
Stream relocation
Parking lots
Stormwater management
Sewer line upgrade
Fire damage structural investigations
Retaining walls
Flood plain analysis
Land development and subdivisions
Nitrogen blanketing
Gas stations

As can clearly be seen by this partial list, GKW Associates has the experienced staff on board to handle whatever your project needs may be. Whether you’re a homeowner who wants to build an addition, a commercial company that needs land development services, or an industrial company that wants to build a new processing line, GKW Associates has the ability to engineer your solution.

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